Kandersteg 2017

Kandersteg Kit List 2017


Hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

We have been busy booking flights, working with the staff at Kandersteg and making plans for the build-up to our trip next Summer!

Please read the following carefully and respond where necessary.


Programme Preferences

The summer programme has just been released by Kandersteg. On March 1st we have to put in a bid for the activities that we would like to do. In order to be ready for this, we have begun discussions with the programme team at Kandersteg and prepared a questionnaire for participants to state their activity preferences. Please click the link below to complete the questionnaire. Whilst completing the questionnaire, please cross reference with our attached activity guide for an explanation of each activity.

The form also asks for who young people would like to share a tent with – please refer to the attached “K17 – Flights” document for a list of everyone who is going. If you don’t currently know anyone else who is going, don’t worry, we can look at your tent grouping at the training day on 28th January.

Responses must be received by 28th January. After this we will be creating a programme, in discussion with Kandersteg, based on the responses we have received.



Dates for 2017

28th January – Training Day & Fundraising Quiz Night

Further details will be sent out very early in the New Year – we will be spending the day together getting to know each other and holding a quiz night for friends and families in the evening.

In the morning, we will hold an initial briefing for parents.

17th – 18th March – Training Camp

An overnight camp (Friday evening – Saturday afternoon) to practice working together.

Final briefing – date TBC

We will hold a final briefing for parents in July, the date for this will be confirmed in the Spring.


Flights to/from Switzerland

We are pleased to say that we have managed to secure flights just within our budget – in order to achieve this, we have had to split between 3 different flights from two different UK airports.

All flights will arrive at and depart from Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL) in Switzerland.

Please see the sheet attached to see which flight you’re on and which airport you’re flying from.


If you have any questions about the trip/build-up, please email me or call on 07790 296378.





  • Twenty-two of the older scouts from around the District attended a linking event with Explorers last week – great fun was had by all, cooking and eating pancakes, followed by a boisterous game of Dodge Ball!
  • Well done to all scouts who took part in the Green Beret competition last weekend in some challenging weather conditions!  Also, a big thank you to the team of Explorers who helped run the bases.
  • Flights have been booked for the District Expedition to Kandersteg 2017, very exciting!  The leader team will meet this week to start detailed planning.

Forthcoming events

Yours in Scouting,




TO: Kandersteg 2017 leader team

CC: Group Scout Leaders, Scout Leaders, Explorer leader team

Hello and apologies it’s been a bit quiet on the Kandersteg front since the inital promotion.

As promised, there will be a leader’s meeting this month to talk through the basic structure of the camp, roles, build-up etc and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have at this stage and how everyone will be involved helping shape the trip going forward.

23rd November – 8pm @ Hobbs Hill Wood primary school

In answer to some questions I’ve had from a few people already:

Travel to Kandersteg

  • We are expecting to fly – flight schedules for the dates we want have come out this weekend so we are now working out how this will work. It looks likely we will be split across a couple of flights, probably from Luton AND Stansted.
  • We have budgeted for three transit vans – these will have two drivers per vehicle (6 people have volunteered to drive on their forms).


  • Kandersteg control all activity/programme bookings and don’t allow bookings to be submitted until March 2017.
  • We will bring copies of the “Kander-Active” brochure to the meeting so you can see what is available to do and what we think can be included within the budget.
  • Young people and adults will have a degree of choice over the activities they take part in and the level of difficulty.


  • Saturday 18th March is pencilled for another MEGA quiz night – please put this in your diaires now!
  • The proceeds of this event may be required to off-set the increased costs due to the huge, unexpected, variation in the value of the £ since we drew up the budget.

Training Day/Pre-camp

  • Saturday 18th March is likely to be an all-day event, with the quiz night in the evening.
  • A date, team and programme for the pre-camp will be discussed at the meeting on 23rd November… please bring your diairies with you!

Who’s Coming?

  • Particiant list is attached (94 young people and 36 adults)

Kandersteg 2017 update

Every scout troop and explorer scout unit has now been visited to promote our rip to Kandersteg in 2017, with lots of enthusiasm and positive feedback received!

So far over 30 bookings have come in (from 10 different troops/units) which is quicker than any of our previous district expeditions!

The deadline for responses is 29th February to allow everyone as long as possible to spread payments. I have attached the forms for young people and adults in case you don’t have the paper copy to hand (plus the flyer to remind yourself of all the exciting activities on offer).

Information & Reply Form (Young People)

Information & Reply Form (adults)


If you have any questions about the trip, please contact me on 07790 296378 or by email, dc@hemel-scouts.co.uk.


Hopefully you have now heard about our amazing Alpine Adventure to Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland in Summer 2017!

Attached is some more detailed information about the expedition and the booking form for adults.

Adults will have the opportunity to participate fully in the programme, alongside the young people.

In the build-up to the event and whilst we are away, there are a number of roles which will help ensure we have a successful and enjoyable trip. Possible roles include

  • Equipment co-ordinator
  • Driver (transit vans)
  • Catering manager
  • Catering assistant
  • Merchandise
  • Finance
  • Badge records
  • Fundraising
  • Logistics (air travel etc)
  • Welfare/first aid
  • Free time entertainment
  • Camp bank
  • Hike route planning

For adults who wish to come in a supporting role whilst at Kandersteg (i.e. not participating in the full range of activities) a reduced price can be negotiated, dependent on the level of participation you choose.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

Financial assistance

Help is also available to enable participation (generally in the form of extended payment terms or support with up to 50% of the cost – occasionally more in some circumstances).

For more information contact me in confidence on 07790 296378 or by email dc@hemel-scouts.co.uk.

The deadline for applications is 29th February 2016.


Kandersteg International Scout Centre is a World Centre of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

The Centre began in 1923 with Lord Baden-Powell, who, after the first World Scout Jamboree, had a dream about a place where all Scouts from all over the world could meet. His dream came true and now YOU have the opportunity to visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre and live YOUR Dream!

We are planning to visit Kandersteg as a district expedition in the Summer of 2017.

Find out more about the centre at: http://www.kisc.ch/