Kandersteg 2017 update & leader meeting

TO: Kandersteg 2017 leader team

CC: Group Scout Leaders, Scout Leaders, Explorer leader team

Hello and apologies it’s been a bit quiet on the Kandersteg front since the inital promotion.

As promised, there will be a leader’s meeting this month to talk through the basic structure of the camp, roles, build-up etc and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have at this stage and how everyone will be involved helping shape the trip going forward.

23rd November – 8pm @ Hobbs Hill Wood primary school

In answer to some questions I’ve had from a few people already:

Travel to Kandersteg

  • We are expecting to fly – flight schedules for the dates we want have come out this weekend so we are now working out how this will work. It looks likely we will be split across a couple of flights, probably from Luton AND Stansted.
  • We have budgeted for three transit vans – these will have two drivers per vehicle (6 people have volunteered to drive on their forms).


  • Kandersteg control all activity/programme bookings and don’t allow bookings to be submitted until March 2017.
  • We will bring copies of the “Kander-Active” brochure to the meeting so you can see what is available to do and what we think can be included within the budget.
  • Young people and adults will have a degree of choice over the activities they take part in and the level of difficulty.


  • Saturday 18th March is pencilled for another MEGA quiz night – please put this in your diaires now!
  • The proceeds of this event may be required to off-set the increased costs due to the huge, unexpected, variation in the value of the £ since we drew up the budget.

Training Day/Pre-camp

  • Saturday 18th March is likely to be an all-day event, with the quiz night in the evening.
  • A date, team and programme for the pre-camp will be discussed at the meeting on 23rd November… please bring your diairies with you!

Who’s Coming?

  • Particiant list is attached (94 young people and 36 adults)