Mandatory GDPR e-learning


As a result of the implementation of GDPR at the end of May, it is now a requirement that all Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Section Assistants, Active Support Members,  and Trustees undertake Scout Association GDPR Training as a condition of holding an appointment.

We all handle data in someway – be it youth records, finance records, emails,  and so on and that is why this training is required, in order that we are all aware of our responsibilities.

Before you ask, we do not accept external GDPR Training Certificates – this training is Scouting specific.

All current post holders must complete this training by 31st December 2018, so it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

This is online training and after being trialed, it is now available to all. It will not take you very long at all. Simply send me through your certificate of completion and I will add it to your training profile.

My understanding is that you will only have to do this training once – in other words, it is not renewed like Safety, Safeguarding or First Aid.

The link is here:

Please do make sure that you do this training quickly as it is vital that everyone fully understands their responsibilities in handling data.

Steve Harris
Local Training Manager