New GSL for 1st Leverstock Green

I am pleased to announce that Richard Hartley has agreed to take on the role of Group Scout Leader (GSL) at 1st Leverstock Green.

The GSL is effectively the group manager – there to encourage and support the leaders and committee members offer the best possible Scouting experience for young people.

Richard and I started discussing this in mid-July and had a number of conversations to clarify the general responsibilities and expectations of the role before he started in September. Now he has completed the appointments process, I can announce his appointment more widely across the district.

Over the coming weeks and months, Richard will be working with Karen Schirn (Assistant Group Scout Leader) and Chris Patmore (Group Chairman) to split responsibilities to best utilise their skills and interests for the benefit of the group.

Some of you will know Richard as he has been involved with the group for many years – supporting activities, camps and fundraising events whilst his two sons have been members.

You can contact him on 07753 618928 or by email: