Pinewood Derby 2019

This years competition will be held on Saturday Feb 23rd at 1st H.H. Scouts HQ, Queensway, Registration from 10 – 10.30 a.m.

Kits cost £ 5.00 (wood, wheels, axles) from which you make a car or vehicle of some sort and then they are raced on a special

track to see which car goes the fastest. Cars are raced in groups, the fastest cars from each group race in a final.

There are prizes for the best looking cars, split into age groups, and for the overall fastest and runner ups. Spectators are

welcome on the day. The event will finish around lunchtime. Snacks and drinks are available but you can bring your own. If your car

is eliminated from the races early on it is best to stay to the end, cheer on your mates and enjoy the rest of the racing, only cars left

on the competition table at the end are eligible for the best looking prizes. A template to help you with your design, ideas and tips

are available to download at questions email


For photos of previous events see the Facebook page.