Scout Network update

The Scout Network is Scouting’s fifth section – open to members aged 18 – 24. Members take part in a variety of activities, which they undertake and organise themselves with the support of the district’s Scout Network team.

I have attached a copy of the forthcoming programme which contains adventurous, outdoors, social activities, weekends away and taking part in national Scout Network camps. The programme also contributes to the Queen’s Scout Award and Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

If you’re interested, our district’s Scout Network is co-ordinated by Kirsty & Natasha, you can contact them using the email address:

Kirsty will be contacting all members of the district aged 17.5 – 25 shortly to invite them along to the next few evenings/events.

Find us online
There is a Facebook group for anyone interested in the Hemel Hempstead Scout Network:

To find out more about the national Scout Network programme, visit the Scouts UK website: