Following my email a couple of weeks ago about how we support Young Leaders in Hemel Hempstead, I’m delighted to say I’ve had a few offers of help and have co-ordinated a meeting tonight of those who will be involved going forward… Here’s the new team:

  • Administrator – Nickie Davies: Nickie is already involved on the group executive committee at 1st Hemel Hempstead and has children involved in th Scout/Explorer sections. Nickie will register new member, update the records and ensure that at 17.5 yrs, everyone is aware of the opportunities available to them – both as adult volunteers and members of the Scout Network.
  • “Catch-up” Co-ordinator – Kirstie Dalrymple: Kirstie is a parent of Young Leaders and has agreed to help by calling section leaders and parents to give the existing records a complete update to ensure we know who is helping out, which section they’r in and which modules/missions they’ve completed… she’ll be in touch over the coming weeks.
  • Training Co-ordinator – Michael Albon: Michael is a Cub Scout Leader at 4th Hemel Hempstead and completed the Young Leader training himself. He will be responsible for booking the venues, organising the trainers, grouping the YLs s they end up in the right training and fronting up each training evening.


Recruitment of “Supporters”

The team are now looking for individuals to support two or three Young Leaders through their modules/missions to encourage them to achieve their Young Leader “Belt” award. This could be an existing leader in a section or a great role for a parent looking for a more flexible way to help support Scouting.

If you’re interested, please email

Contacting the team

Whilst we get everyone up and running, please send all enquiries to and it will be directed to the relevant team member.

Thank you Sandra!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra Harding for the excellent job she has done for a number of years, which allows the current team to take over a successful and well-organised operation.