With apologies for the delay in circulating a draft risk assessment (based on the use of Boxmoor HQ), I have attached this for you to refer to.

I have also attached some additional resources:

  • Slides from the July’s leader meeting where I talked through the principles of preparing to go back to face-to-face Scouting.
  • Notes from the recent GSLs meeting, giving more detail about the specific actions which could be taken to make your meeting place “Covid-safe”

The team at Gilwell have also put together some exmaple activities which are considered “Covid-safe” – to assist with the programme-planning side of things following feedback that coming up with ideas for a programme is more challenging than usual:


Our local team of volunteer risk-assessment reviewers are meeting (via Zoom) on Monday evening. If you have draft risk assessments you’d like us to review (or just questions for us), please send them to me over the weekend.