Chief Scout Commendations for Good Service

I am delighted to announce that the Chief Scout has awarded the following individuals with the Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service. These awards recognise individuals who go “over and above” what’s expected of them in their Scouting role.

Full citations will be read when the awards are presented, but below gives you a flavour of why each of them was nominated by someone else in the district.

  • Vince Allen – for supporting two sections each week at 1st Leverstock Green, Bushcraft and always being willing to help with practical repairs and making new activities.
  • Sean d’Arcy – for consistent reliability at 1st Leverstock Green Scout Troop (both on Friday evenings and with other tasks) plus support at many district events, particularly co-ordinating the district’s bases at Green Beret.
  • Christine Dickens – for her help with numerous district activities, both on the day and “behind-the-scenes”.
  • Lina Dyble – for her role as assistant treasurer at 1st Leverstock Green, helping at the scout shop, district events and to recognise her previous efforts supporting the district with admin tasks.
  • Jason Farmer – for efforts as Scout Leader at 1st Bennetts End, the district Bushcraft activity as well as helping St. Albans at Lochearnhead and with their gang show for the past few years.
  • Andy Glass – for continuing to give 1st Bennetts End stable leadership over the last 5 years plus supporting the organisation many districts activities and a pivotal role in Cubjam 2013.
  • Jo Hirons – for co-ordinating the Young Leader scheme and being part of the District’s appointments advisory committee on top of supporting weekly Explorer meetings and weekend events.
  • Alan Oxtoby – for supporting the Explorer section as ESL in addition to his role as ASL at 1st Leverstock Green and support at many district activities.
  • Kerry Sayers – for supporting 1st Gadebridge as well as Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs at 1st Apsley and numerous district activities.
  • Maureen Shelley – for many hours spent administering district activities in addition to her tireless work as District Explorer Scout Administrator.
  • Robin Smith – for his support with the district sailing activity evenings and being AESL in St. Albans, as well as being an ESL in Hemel Hempstead.

Nominations for awards can be made at any time during the – individuals being put forward for awards must have at least been involved with Scouting as an adult for at least 5 years (unless in very exceptional circumstances) and have completed the training required for their current role(s).

If you wish to nominate someone, please email awards[@]