Covid risk assessments – keeping them simple & effective


Thank you to those who have submitted risk assessments, the local team of reviewers have been through them and to help others have come up with a list of key considerations we are looking for in each risk assessment to be submitted.

The key message is to keep it simple – a small number of effective steps which can realistically be followed. In particular we will be looking for the following:

  • How will you share “highlight” actionable bullet points with parents / leaders (please make the full risk assessment available – but most people won’t take the time to read a full risk assessment document).
  • Cleaning – what is expected prior to each session – probably anti-viral wipes on main touch points
  • Handwashing – on arrival as a minimum
  • Nominated first aider willing to undertake close contact work if required & first aid PPE supplies
  • Briefing on social distancing at the beginning of each session
  • How attendance will be recorded to assist track & trace
  • Equipment – bring from home where possible/limit sharing (bring own drinks bottles, don’t provide drinks as normal)
  • Don’t be too specific – e.g. “implement a clearly sign-posted one-way system” – rather than describing the one way system, which may have to change in certain circumstances (e.g. heavy rain and outside the front door is a huge puddle but the side door is still accessible – you will adjust the signage rather than expect people to continue to use the flooded front door)
  • Provision for those who can’t/won’t participate in face-to-face activities
  • Template
    • we recommend using the HQ template (but if not, it must include the headings: “hazard/risk”, “who is at risk” and “control measures”)
    • use bullet points and keep sentenances short to improve readability
  • Review – based on feedback and/or at each group exec meeting as a minimum (no need to re-submit for approval unless you consider it a significant change)

I hope that helps – if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Those who have submitted risk assessments already will receive feedback over the new few days.


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