Kandersteg 2024 and Lochearnhead 2025 (TBC)


Following successful trips to the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg, Switzerland (2017) and our long history of expeditions to Lochearnhead Scout Station in Scotland (unfortunately cancelled in 2020 due to Covid), we are planning to return to both sites in the coming years.

We have a provisional booking at Kandersteg for July/August 2024 and have bid for a two-week slot at Lochearnhead in the summer of 2025.

Both activities require a leadership team committed quite a way in advance. Lochearnhead in particular requires a leadership team with a specific skill-set and “permits” to run activities such as hill-walking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing etc. If we plan ahead now, we have plenty of time to run training and assessments for adults who would like to obtain these permits in advance of this trip.

As such, before we commit deposits and promote these events to young people, we need to have an indication of adults they are willing to participate in the leadership team.

I have put together some information about each trip and a form to indicate your interest (no firm commitment at this stage), which I would ask you to complete by Friday 6th May to assess which of trips (hopefully both) are viable.

Kandersteg 2024 – www.hemel-scouts.co.uk/diary/kandersteg-2024/

Lochearnheead 2025 – www.hemel-scouts.co.uk/diary/lochearnhead-2025/

You may also be interested in the information also published about another Summer trip opportunity:

Haarlem Jamborette 2023 – www.hemel-scouts.co.uk/diary/haarlem-jamborette-2023/

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or call on 07790 296378.