Lochearnhead update RE: Coronavirus

TO: Lochearnhead participants & leaders
CC: Groups Scouts Leaders, Group Chairs, Scout & Explorer Leaders, District team & executive


Following recent developments regarding the Coronavirus, I wanted to set out our approach to the Lochearnhead trip scheduled for the Summer.

As an organising team, we have three primary factors in our decision-making:

  1. Giving hope that the trip can go ahead if at all possible
  2. Not risking any family/individual/the district losing money if it does not go ahead
  3. The time required to organise such a trip

Current financial situation

We have collected about half of the money required to run the trip.

We have only committed a deposit to the venue (which is owned by Hertfordshire Scouts who have indicated that we would be refunded, have rolled over to a future trip or have the money allocated to other activities at another centre) and £250 to the White Water Rafting centre (which the district would underwrite if lost).


If any family/individual wants to request a refund at this point, we will issue a full refund as soon as possible (we’ll aim to have a cheque/BACS transfer with you in 7 days).

We will not commit any further funds to ensure that if you need/want a full refund at any time, this will be possible.

If we get to a stage where we have to commit funds to ensure the viability and we can’t be 100% sure the trip will go ahead, we will have to reluctantly take the decision to cancel in order to protect your money.

If you would like a refund at this stage, it would be helpful if you could request this by 5pm on Thursday 26th March so that an update can be sent by the end of the month.

Future payments

If you wish to continue paying, this may help with your budgeting, rather than be asked for a larger balance at the last minute but this is entirely your choice.

Any payments received will be fully-refundable at any point.

Possible alterations to the trip/activities

If a number of participants/leaders request refunds, we may have to scale back the activities such as white water rafting and/or curling. If this is the case, we will communicate this before commiting funds.

Should a larger number of participants/adults withdraw but we are given the go-ahead to resume Scouting, we will look to offer similar activities locally – with the option to camp if we are allowed by the Government and have the adult support to do so.

Future communication

I will send another update next weekend, following an assessment of the number of refunds requested.

Another update will be sent at the end of April, as this marks a little more than 12 weeks before, at which point, some providers will be wanting us to commit funds to secure their services.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss your personal circumstances, please do get in touch with me – my phone number is 07790 296378.


Russ, Rich, Helen & Ollie