Lochearnhead update RE: Covid-19


Further to my previous email about the plans for the Lochearnhead trip following the Covid-19 outbreak, I have now received confirmation from Hertfordshire Scouts that the centre will be not open this Summer. I have attached the letter so you can read their rationale.

I’m sure you are as disappointed as I am that we will not be able to visit the station in 2020 as planned.

As promised, full refunds will now be arranged and direct debits for future payments cancelled. Please bear with us whilst we arrange for another cheque book from the bank to process nearly 100 refunds!

Details of the next opportunity available to us are not yet clear – the site is usually booked 4/5 years in advance on rotation between the districts in Hertfordshire. We have already been told that bookings in 2021 wil go ahead as usual (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) and I agree that it would be unfair to move bookings from next year when the site should hopefully be re-opened as the districts going next year will already have committed to bookings for coaches etc.

Discussion between districts and with Hertfordshire Scouts is ongoing as to whether we will be offered a slot in 2022, with bookings from that year and subsequent years going back 12 months. When I know more, the trip will be re-advertised, with first refusal going to those who had already secured their place for this year.

I am sorry it wasn’t the news we were holding out for as a leadership team – but these are very unusual times and obviously we appreciate this will have been a very difficult decision for Hertfordshire Scouts to make.

It is, in my view, absolutely the correct decision for Hertfordshire Scouts to have taken and has my full support.

Although no decision about future years has been taken, the discussions have been transparent and fair and I am sure that the process will come to the best possible outcome, even if it not what everyone would want in an ideal world.


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