Notes from GSL, Groups Chairs & District Team meeting


Please find notes below from the meeting of GSLs, Group Chairs and district team held on 3rd February.

Centralised waiting lists – Annette Payne (DC for St. Albans)

  • Used primarily to recruit adults & map development needs – one form for all groups to a central point
  • Beaver, Cub & Scout co-ordinator & Explorer co-ordinator
  • Asks specifically on the for about whether adult will volunteer – invited to volunteer information evening (held once per term)… parent brings child, YP entertained, adults discuss volunteering
  • Having one lists reduces duplicate entries on waiting lists
  • Three challenges in Hemel Hempstead:
    • Groups with spaces
    • Groups with no spaces and high demand
    • Groups who don’t respond
  • Key criteria for parents in Hemel:
    • Have they got friends in the group already?
    • Which night are they available around other activities
  • Proposals:
    • Consider termly welcome evening (at Phasels?)
    • Secondary waiting list – to pick up those who won’t get into group (e.g. 1st Kings Langley)
    • Groups to consider doing an intake every half term to allow a “parents info session”
    • Russ to circulate Simon’s group welcome pack template

Annual census (Frank / Claire)

  • Deadline – 22nd February
  • Young leaders – Russ to circulate a list for checking

Training/appointments – Steve Harris

  • Please ensure you use the last two digits of driving licences
  • Wood badges are taking 3-6 months to come through depending on the time it is requested in Gilwell’s cycle
  • Steve to circulate dates for safeguarding & executive committee training
  • Appointments – Steve addressing low turn-out for appointments committee panels – letters now emailed and sending a reminder by text message which seems to be increasing take-up for Spring meetings.

Update and questions on changes to Explorer Scouting in Hemel Hempstead

  • Snooks moving to Phasels Wood (still on a Tuesday)
  • Noctuam (Wednesday) now meeting once a month on a Saturday
  • Raging Moose (Thursday) stays the same

Scout Shop changes

  • Printer still broken
  • Stock of small beaver jumpers out – Russ to chase
  • Agreement to have once a month date prompt email to order badges

Group updates – a chance to share successes & challenges

1st Bovingdon

  • Can we work with 1st Kings Langley to recruit beaver parents for September as leaders to continue – Russ to put Ross & Gavin in touch

1st Apsley

  • Be careful leaving contents in trailers after camps as Unity may not pay out if stolen
  • Activities will be offered through Two Waters through the year – details to be circulated by email

1st Gadebridge

  • Flats being built around the HQ will block them in but numbers growing

4th Hemel

  • Numbers booming with new adults – but restricted by the meeting place limiting re-starting Scouts
  • Original Beavers now linking into 1st Apsley Friday evening

5th Hemel

  • Now moved into their new Church – strong Beaver & Cub numbers linking into 1st Hemel / 1st LG etc

2nd Hemel

  • Beavers & Cub numbers strong, Scouts dipped a little with families moving away but team working well

4th Boxmoor

  • Numbers steady, Hovercraft sessions running again this year


  • Running as usual – direct entries so no commitment on the leaders
  • Sections can book a whole evening by request
  • Leaflet to be ready by 16th Feb to be included in various group mailshots