Notes from the GSL & Chair’s meeting about re-starting after Covid


Please find notes attached from last night’s GSL & Group Chair’s meeting on Zoom.

Included in there are a list of things to think about as part of your risk assessment to re-start face-to-face Scouting – relating to both the building but also conversations to have with adults.

I have assembled a team of people who have volunteer appointments in Scouting and have also had first hand experience of bringing schools, community halls and/or public-facing businesses back after lockdown.

They are willing to “buddy” with Scout Groups to help develop risk assessments and will be available either on the phone and/or for a visit to your meeting place. The people available:

  • Frank Monnington
  • Geoff Angell
  • Mark Knapton (Uni)
  • Richard Haynes
  • Helen Bassett
  • Chris Larkin
  • Dave Cannon
  • Colin Rivett

If you would like one of them to contact you, let me know and I will arrange this.

Consistency across Scout Groups

There will inevitably be some differences in how each Scout Group operates, I suggest we try to maintain some consistency and as such, if possible please submit the first round of draft questions or risk assessments to the reviewer group (via me) by Friday 14th August.

If you’re not ready to do that at that point, don’t worry, we will have another session in early September too.



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