On Yer Bike (sponsored event for groups / county appeal)

onyerbike1Do you want to raise hundreds of pounds for your Scout Group as well as helping raise funds for the Phasels Wood and Tolmers Scout Campsite Appeal?

Here’s how……

On Sunday 7th July we have arranged a sponsored cycle ride along the Nickey Line which will be suitable for Beavers/Cubs/Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and parents. Following the Nickey Line, the routes will be suitable for young children on scooters and those in wheelchairs up to those who want to challenge themselves by cycling many miles!

Full details are on the enclosed letters.

On Yer Bike – Leader Letter On Yer Bike – Letter On Yer Bike – Sponsor form On Yer Bike Sponsor form (editable)

or online at: https://www.hemel-scouts.co.uk/ai1ec_event/county-sponsored-cyle-event/?instance_id=