Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby is a great fun event for scouts which has been going since the 90’s! It has been one of the most popular events with most Troops taking part and ideal as a winter time activity.

To enter you purchase a simple kit which costs £6.00 (wood, wheels, axles) from which you make a car or vehicle of some sort and then they are raced on a special track to see which car goes the fastest. Cars are raced in groups, the fastest cars from each group race in a final.

There are prizes for the best looking cars, split into age groups, and for the overall fastest and runner ups. Spectators are welcome on the day. The event will finish around lunchtime. Snacks and drinks are available but you can bring your own.

The event usually takes place on the Saturday at the end of February half term which is ideal as Scouts will have the whole week of half term to finish their car. A full set of rules comes with the kit.

If you wish to enter and have not made arrangements with your Scout Leader you can enter online below and arrangements to get a kit to you will be made.

Any questions email

Please find instructions below for the Pinewood Derby, as well as a template document to help you construct your car.

Good luck!

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