Next Session 24th March 2019 Bookings open 1st March.

For Explorers, Scouts, network and Adult Leaders. Scouts will earn Scout Power Coxswain Activity Badge.

Power boating uses exciting, awesome power machines that require skill and knowledge to master, but give the opportunity for anyone to try. Different types of power boat include wet bikes, rigid inflatables (RIBs) and power cruisers. Power boats can also be used as work boats or rescue boats, but all of them, from the solid, dependable diesel open boats to rubber dinghies with outboards, require skill and knowledge and can be great fun.

Scout Power Coxswain Activity Badge

  1. 2015sc-as-pcChoose and identify the boat you will use.
  2. Choose the waters you will visit.
  3. Identify the features and hazards of this water.
  4. Learn what the rules are for boating on the water you’re using.
  5. Wear the proper clothing and make sure you have the correct equipment for your craft.

Complete the following steps under proper supervision:

6. Locate the engine and know how to start and stop it safely.
7. Take part in a man overboard drill.
8. Launch and recover your craft (if that’s possible) and come alongside. Moor and berth your craft.
9. Control the speed and direction of your craft to steer around a course or on a journey.

Young people will be appropriately supervised by an activity permit holder or a qualified external instructor. The activity will follow the activity rules in the Policy and Organisation Rules. Find out more at www.scouts.org.uk/a-z