Capital Appeal Explained

Dear Parents, Friends and Supporters

Hertfordshire Scouts – The Adventure Continues

Hertfordshire is one of the most successful Scout Counties in the UK, and as an adult member, parent or supporter in Hemel Hempstead District you can play a part in that ongoing adventure.

A major part of the adventure for our young people lies in the seven Activity Centres run by Hertfordshire Scouts.

Four of these are located here in Hertfordshire, and three more are further away in wilder places. They are all available for Scouting activities and expeditions, and are open to other youth organisations as well.

Right now, Hertfordshire Scouts are undertaking a major development programme to update and secure all seven Activity Centres. This will ensure they continue to provide challenging adventures for young people, and are maintained to appropriate 21st century standards, long into the future.

It may be that you or your family have already made use of a Hertfordshire Scouts Activity Centre, or will do one day soon. Either way, you may like to play a part in the development of those Centres. You can do this perhaps by taking part in one of the occasional onsite working parties (see details below), or by purchasing a Lottery subscription, or contributing to the Appeal.

Please read on to find out more about this important local Scouting initiative.

Capital Appeal Prospectus v6

Where are the seven Activity Centres ?

Hertfordshire Scouts seven Activity Centres are located at:

  • Phasels Wood (Kings Langley, Herts)
  • Tolmers (Cuffley, Herts)
  • Well End (Borehamwood, Herts)
  • Harmergreen Wood (Welwyn, Herts)
  • Orchard Farm (Peak District, Staffs)
  • Coetmor Mill (Bethesda, Snowdonia, North Wales)
  • Lochearnhead (Perthshire, The Trossachs, Scotland)

What does the Appeal aim to Achieve ?

The Appeal aims to ensure that these Centres remain available for Scouts (and other youth organisations) for all time, and in good well-maintained safe condition. While the day-to-day running costs are met from usage fees, considerable expenditure is required to bring facilities such as buildings and accommodation up to date, and to maintain and renew the equipment.

The Appeal has three strands, comprising direct applications to charitable and private funders, plus a weekly Unity Lottery open to individual participants, and other sponsored activities (organised locally).

It should be recognised also that by improving the facilities at our various Centres, the income potential from hiring to organised groups and local authorities is greatly increased.

How much is all this going to cost ?

The Appeal was launched in 2009 with a target of £2.2 million. That was to cover the freehold purchase of the sites at Phasels Wood and Tolmers, which would otherwise have been lost to us, and to provide for initial development and maintenance of those and the five other centres.

What has been achieved so far ?

By summer 2015 the Appeal has raised £750,000.

The freeholds of Phasels Wood and Tolmers were purchased in Feb.2010 with payment completed in March.2012. (This required significant support from County financial reserves, which are still being restored). In addition:

  • At Phasels Wood the top (Cedars) toilets and the Activity toilets have been completely refurbished.
  • At Tolmers the Norfolk Lodge accommodation has been fitted out, and the Training Centre has been finished and equipped with computers. The lake has been dredged and the banks and landing stage refurbished to improve safety and allow disabled access.
  • At Lochearnhead the roofs of the Station and the Porter’s Lodge have been completely replaced with lead and slate, and the platform canopy has been renewed with toughened glass in place of the old plastic.

What is planned next ?

A major project at Well End will include a new accommodation block to replace the Warren, and bring the toilets and showers up to modern standards.

How can I help ?

  • Join Hertfordshire Scouts weekly Unity Lottery, with the chance of a £25,000 prize
  • Do your online shopping via Easyfundraising, which provides a commission to the Appeal at no extra cost to you.
  • All offers of practical or financial help are very welcome.

How can I find out more ?