Lottery Codes

Did you know that your Group can receive a commission on sales of Hertfordshire Scouts Capital Appeal Lottery entries ?

This is an easy and permanent way to make a regular income for Group expenses.

Just offer Lottery forms to Parents and Supporters, asking them to pass on to friends and relatives far and wide.

Each form has space for a code number to identify you as the selling Group.   To make sure of your commission, please put this number on your forms (see list below).

Group Sales Code Numbers for Lottery Forms

1st Hemel Hempstead 0802
1st Kings Langley 0803
1st Apsley 0804
1st Bovingdon 0805
1st Bennetts End 0806
1st Leverstock Green 0807
1st Woodfield 0820
1st Gadebridge 0810
3rd Boxmoor 0801
4th Boxmoor 0811
2nd Hemel Hempstead 0814
4th Hemel Hempstead 0816
5th Hemel Hempstead 0813
7th Hemel Hempstead (Lockers Park)  


Hemel Hempstead District 0800
Raging Moose ESU 0871
Snooks ESU 0872
Scout Network 0881
Active Support 0885